3 New Things To Watch Out For From Trinx In 2018

Last April 29, 2018, I attended the 3rd Trinx Annual Dealers Meeting held at the Le Pavilion Metropolitan Park, Pasay City. This annual event is exclusive to all Trinx Bicycles authorized dealers nationwide.

This is also the time of the year where, as authorized dealers, our Certificate of Authority to sell Trinx branded products to the market are renewed and awarded.

To be certified as an authorized dealer, the bike shop has to be verified and trusted. It must also adhere to the values and strict quality standards set forth by the Trinx International Office. I am proud to say that for the last three years, Skylark’s Bike Shop has been awarded this Certificate of Authority.

It is also during the Annual Dealers Meeting where new bike models are presented to all dealers. For the year 2018, there were three exciting announcements that every Trinx bike enthusiast should watch out for:

1. New 27.5″ and 29″ Variants 

The 2018 models will now feature a 27.5″ and a 29″ variant in some of the more popular models of Trinx bikes. Foremost are the Majestic and Striker series which boast of the best-selling entry-level mountain bikes like the M116, M136, M500 and K036 to name a few.

The 27.5″ variant will be named Elite while the 29″ will carry the Quest tag. Trinx’s website has Pro for the 29” variant but this is aimed for the international market. Locally, the 29” variants will be called Quest.

So with the upcoming 2018 models, we will now see models like M116 Elite, M116 Quest, M136 Elite, M136 Quest , M500 Elite, M500 Quest, K036 Elite and K036 Quest, etc.

Another new feature to watch out for is the internal cabling of all Trinx frames that will be released starting May 2018.

Aside from a neater look, having internal cables make it easier to clean the frame. For practical reasons also, internal cables cause less cable rub which may damage your frame’s paint finish. It lessens also the exposure of your cables from external elements like water, dust and mud which may affect crisp shifting of your gears.


2. Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Ever since its entry into the Philippine market in February 2014, Trinx has not released a full suspension model despite having one in their website. Trinx bikes enthusiasts have long been waiting for a full suspension mountain bike to be available locally.

That long wait is over. Trinx will release two full suspension models exclusive to the Philippine market only. The new models will be called Brave 1.1 and Brave 2.1. The specifications of these full suspension models will be discussed in my succeeding blogs.

Full suspension models

Prices for these models are not yet available as of this writing. But knowing Trinx to be an affordable brand, I’m sure these new models will not cost you an arm and a leg compared with other brands.

3. Full Carbon Road Bikes

Before 2018, Trinx’s range of road bikes offered only entry level alloy models like Tempo, Swift and Drive series. At the other end of the spectrum was the high end full carbon model Tornado which was not readily available in the Philippines.

Starting this year, Trinx will release mid-range full carbon road bikes dubbed as Rapid series. This series will offer two models, namely, Rapid 1.0 which is equipped with a Shimano Tiagra 4700 group set and Rapid 2.0 sporting a Shimano 105 5800 group set. I will make a separate review of these models when they are available already in the market.

The New Rapid Full Carbon Road Bikes


Check out more photos of the new bike models from my Facebook account here.

There are other exciting projects that will be launched by Trinx this year. I will write about it in my upcoming blogs. So just sit back and relax, because the best is yet to come with Trinx bikes.


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