A Preview of the 4 New Brands of Bicycle Spare Parts in the Philippine Market Today

This is a bit late of an update. Last April 2018, I was invited to a presentation of 4 new brands of bicycle spare parts that were about to be launched to the local market. The new players are LTWOO, a drive train component manufacturer, Weapon, a cassette and rim manufacturer, Weinmman, the legendary rims manufacturer, and Solon, bicycle hubs manufacturer. Let’s take a quick look into these new players:


LTWOO, pronounced as “el too”, is a manufacturer of bicycle drive train components. It was established in July 2013 in Zhongshan, China and was later launched in September 2016 as LTWOO Controller Technology Co., Ltd.

LTWOO Headquarters in China. Photo courtesy of LTWOO Philippines.

The people behind this new company are industry experts who have wide and rich experience in research and production of bicycle drivetrain components. The CEO of LTWOO was the former Head of SRAM China’s Research and Development (R&D). When SRAM China closed its factory, he formed his team of experts from his former company and LTWOO was born.

At the moment, LTWOO will be sold in the Philippines as Gear Sets only. The gear set is composed of the shifters, front derailleur and rear derailleur. A complete group set will probably be launched in the future.

A3 Gear Set

I will write a more complete post about LTWOO in my succeeding blogs. For more information, you may check out the LTWOO Facebook page here.


WEAPON Cassettes and Rims

Another new player is Weapon, a manufacturer of cassette sprockets and rims.

Weapon products range from cassette sprockets, light weight all mountain rims, fork suspensions, handle bars, handle stems, seat posts, handle grips, frames, to name a few. Weapon has been manufacturing car parts to companies like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and even to electronics giant Panasonic. Accordingly, they use the same materials and technology in their cassettes just like the products they make for these car companies.

At the moment, available products are Weapon Shuriken cassettes and tubeless-ready rims. I will write a more complete post about Weapon cassettes and rims in my succeeding blogs. For more information, you may check out the Weapon official Facebook page here.


Weinmann Rims

The third new player in the bicycle spare parts market is the legendary Weinmann rims. Established in 1933 in Switzerland, Weinmann has been around and has been the preferred rims Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of popular bicycle brands like Dartmoor, Origin8, Merida Matts, Fuji Blanchard, KHS, Diamondback to name a few.

Weinmann rims boast of the “Sleeved Joint Technology” which makes the rims super durable and strong. Below is a short video of how that process works.

And now, these high quality rims are now available locally giving cyclists more affordable choices.

I will write a more complete post about Weinmann rims in my succeeding blogs. For more information, you may check out the official Weinmann rims Facebook page here.

Solon Hubs

Finally, the fourth new comer is Shenzhen Solon Sports Equipment Co. Ltd. It specializes in the manufacturing of bicycle hubs and wheel sets.

Now available locally are two models of Salvo hubs, namely Sonic series and Salvo series. Both models have sealed bearing. The Sonic series have 3 pawls while the Salvo series have 6 pawls.

I will write a more complete post about Solon hubs in my succeeding blogs. For more information, you may check out the official Solon Hubs Facebook page here.

The entry of these 4 new bicycle spare parts companies in the local cycling market is a welcome development. Cyclists will have more choices in an industry where the choice is either to upgrade to expensive spare parts or settle for a knock off or replica of the original. I’m hoping to see more and more people going into cycling since spare parts are now more affordable due to the arrival of these four brands.

Check out the list of authorized dealers here.

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