Insta360 Outdoor Sale

Thank you Insta360-SEA for this new One X2 action camera. Unboxing and review video soon.

Insta360 is on Outdoor Sale now until August 18, 2022. Save up to $55 when you buy any item from their online store. Use my affiliate link to get a FREE invisible stick with your purchase. Click here for the link.

Avail of discounts on the following Insta360 cameras and accessories until tomorrow only:

📌ONE R: 15% OFF

📌ONE RS: 10% OFF (excluding 1-inch 360)

📌X2: 10% OFF

📌GO 2 32GB 10% OFF

📌GO 2 64GB: 5% OFF

📌Pro 2 10% OFF

📌All accessories: 10% OFF

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