Lend-A-Bike Project Honored in a New Book

Led by Founder Carlo P. Carlon, Lend-a-Bike Project is honored in new book highlighting the most successful changemakers in the Philippines (by Bookshelf PH)

Lend-a-Bike Project was recently featured in the new book, Planting Greatness: Organizations Accelerating Social Impact in the Philippines. Published by Bookshelf PH, a publishing house in the Philippines focused on books, eBooks, and audiobooks, Planting Greatness aims to spotlight the best changemakers in the Philippines to share best practices as well as provide inspiration.

Planting Greatness appropriately opens with a foreword from Gawad Kalinga chairman Jose Luis Oquiñena and closes with an afterword from veteran journalist and Wish Ko Lang! host Vicky Morales. While the book features changemakers of all kinds, including social entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, and heads of corporate social responsibility, Lend-a-Bike Project was notably the only transportation-centered initiative featured in the book.

Represented by Carlo P. Carlon, its Founder, the organization shared how two-wheeled solutions can help solve mobility problems, which would be useful for not only their peers in the transportation sector, but all leaders in the Philippines concerned with social impact.

Kyle Nate, the managing editor of Planting Greatness, was particularly proud of Lend-a-Bike Project’s selection.

“Lend-a-Bike Project shows how a simple act of kindness like lending a bike can grow into an even bigger initiative. The collective effort of all its volunteers was able to help solve transportation problems for hundreds of frontliners during the pandemic. Projects like this show how organizations can defy expectations and become an instrument in pursuing social impact,” said Nate. 

Joining Nate on the Planting Greatness team are co-authors Pancho Dizon and Monica Padillo, editor-in-chief Mio Borromeo, and illustrator and cover artist Josephine Daluz. Collectively, the team has worked with all stakeholders in the industry to publish and sell books, and welcomes further collaboration with professional writers and aspiring creatives.

In addition to GK Chairman Jose Luis Oquiñena writing the foreword of the book, Bookshelf PH is partnered with the NGO’s Maleta Library. A portion of the proceeds from Planting Greatness will be used to fund the purchase of maleta libraries, which are mobile libraries that provide educational books to under-privileged children who would otherwise not have access to them.

That the book is itself a channel for social impact is a positive signal to Oquiñena.

“I hope the showcase of changemakers in the book leads to more collaboration among the leaders, readers, and anyone who wants to make an impact. The next few years are pivotal to the development of the Philippines, and it’ll take more cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary approaches to solving the greatest problems facing our nation,” said Oquiñena, who explicitly welcomed collaborations with GK.

The book can be purchased here: bit.ly/PlantingGreatnessBook


Bookshelf PH is an online bookstore and book publisher in the Philippines. The organization’s goal is to promote a richer Filipino literature that will contribute to individual empowerment, and in the aggregate, nation-building. At the core of these aspirations is the belief that the surest and simplest path to personal and professional growth is through reading, whether through physical books, ebooks, or audiobooks. Bookshelf PH thus welcomes collaboration with all book lovers in the country, including everyone from professional writers and aspiring creatives to local booksellers and enterprise brands.


Literacy begins with love for reading. Studies have shown that if a child is exposed to books at an early age, they will have higher levels of comprehension and creativity as they grow. Reading books also encourages their curiosity and love for learning. The GK Maleta Library is a program that will promote reading to poor children who have limited access to books. A suitcase of books is sent to a community where the kids get to borrow and enjoy them for 1 month before it is passed on to the next set of children who will benefit from them.

The nanays, kuyas, and ates of the community will manage the maleta library to ensure that the books are properly used and cared for.

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