Sunday Morning Ride to Morong, Rizal

It was drizzling when I woke up early this Sunday morning. I have waited for this weekend to finally ride my bike. The rain won’t stop me from taking that road trip I have anticipated. So I changed into my cycling attire praying that the rain would stop. And after a few minutes of waiting, the heavens heard my prayer.

I took my trusty Planet X Carbon Pro road bike and decided to pedal to Morong, Rizal from my home in Angono. Along the way I have passed and met fellow cyclists and I made a conscious effort to greet each of them, either with a quick wave or a greeting. It is a challenge that I would like to share to my fellow cyclists. We can spread positivity and good vibes by smiling, waiving and greeting the fellow cyclist that we meet along the way.

When I arrived to Morong, I dropped by at their old church to say a short prayer. This is one of my favorite churches because of its old yet elegant style.

Then I took a quick breakfast at Jollibee before heading back home. Here’s a video that I took of that short ride.

I also recorded my ride in Strava which in turn is automatically made into an animation by Relive. Check out the route that I took.

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